Fast and Simple All-in-One

Hotel Management System

Take Control Easily & Efficiently

eZee Frontdesk

Hotel Management Software

Hotel Software

Simplify your Hotel Operations

Channel Manager

A Powerful & Fast 1-Click Distribution System

Booking Engine

Increase your Bookings through your Website

Restaurant POS

The Most Comprehensive Restaurant POS


Fast Billing

Shoppers today look forward to a greater exit experience as much as the in-store experience. Unmatched billing speed aided with integration to all POS accessories


What sells more, get notified on non-moving and expiry items and take corrective action, reorder basis smart recommendations to optimize stock and avoid shortage

Smart Reports

SmartReportsCarry your shop along with you. Look up for answers to all your business queries with more than 350+ predefined reports on your Laptops,Tablets and Smart phones


CRM & Loyalty Profile customers. Pull new and repeated customers. Understand customer preferences through purchase history and plan creative promotions. Reward loyal customers and increase sales

Multi Store Management

Centralized monitoring of store-wise sales, purchase, inventory, profits & more. Take action from anywhere with web access to all stores. Feel confident and expand to more outlets

Intregated Accounting

Eliminates need to have a separate accounting software and double work to be done for posting entry in accounts

Cloud POS

Web based point of sale software Move to cloud. Shop-data stored safe and transacted on the internet. Scale up your retail and restaurant business with ease

Business Booster

Invest what suits you today and upgrade as the needs increase. Add features, stores

and other capabilities as and when it is required